Developed Technologies

The Communication Systems Department has researched and developed several cutting edge technologies to advance the state-of-the-art in the IoT and WoT. Following is a high level description of the develop technologies.

  • Actively involved in developing a microservice enabled and distributed architecture for Industry 4.0 based smart manufacturing, machine-to-machine communication for decentralized process control and hybrid cooperation among autonomous agents.
  • We are developing a mission supervisor (a responsive web app) and a mission view client (web/mobile app) for a Drone to be used in emergency response services.
  • We have participated in an Industrial Extension of the EU H2020 F-Interop project to implement and validate a semantic interoperability testing tool.
  • Developed an Android auto application and Cloud based web services for a prototype of European Wide Positioning Service Platform (EWPSP) which offers precision position as a service to future autonomous vehicles.
  • Developed a functional and full-stack testbed for experimentation on IoT based Connected Car services. The testbed includes a Connected Vehicle, ITS-G5 connectivity, an Edge Server, Cloud Server and an Android application.
  • Developed a next-generation, data centric, secure and end-to-end IoT architecture based on Microservices. The architecture supports IoT device registration, management, discovery, data processing, subscription, and notification. This is demonstrated at ETSI M2M Workshop 2016 in Sophia Antipolis, France in November 2016.
  • Implemented a mobile application that provides a Human-Machine Interface for Smart Home and Connected Car use cases.
  • Implemented an Android app to monitor usage pattern of mobile phones and dynamically create power saving profiles. The resulting app proved more efficient in extending battery life than available similar apps in Google Play Store.
  • Development of a prototype IoT Gateway for IoT device registration, discovery, management and data access.


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