EURECOM IoT Platform

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The EURECOM IoT Platfrom is composed of a secure Cloud infrastrcuture, Edge Computing Platform (e.g. Edge Server) and IoT devices (e.g. sensors, actuators). Next-generation IoT systems require scalability, extensibility, interoperability and integration of heterogeneous devices and protocols. To respond to these challenges, our advanced architecture extensively uses ”micro elements” composed of (i) microservices (specific IoT functionalities that can be deployed and migrated across various virtualized infrastructures) and (ii) micro data (data exchanged among services and devices). Consumer devices can access the Platform using a Web Browser and/or an Android app.

The functional architecture of the software platform is shown in the figure below. To cover many use case scenarios, it involves IoT devices as well as connected cars.


The Micro Elements of the IoT architecture are depicted below.


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