Executive Summary

The SemTest project proposes development of a new tool for semantic compliance and interoperability testing and its integration onto F-Interop Platform developed in the EU H2020 F-Interop Project. Easy Global Market, a SME, together with EURECOM , both involved in on-going standardisation activities in oneM2M and W3C will collaborate for the project. This will build upon results obtained in other running FIRE projects (FIESTA, FESTIVAL) thus strengthening the F-Interop positioning in the FIRE ecosystem. The proposed tool will address syntactical and semantical validation and will propose new approaches for the not-yet explored field of semantic interoperability testing. Once deployed within the F-Interop Platform, SemTest tool will be used in at least one interoperability event targeting oneM2M as well as W3C Web of Things (WoT) Groups. 


The four main objectives of the project are - 

  1. Measure the semantic interoperability level of Implementation Under Test (IUT).
  2. Improve the semantic interoperability level of IUT, fostering semantic deployments.
  3. Support for standardizations.
  4. Tutorial and best-practices of semantic technologies and semantic interoperability event.

EURECOM is contributing to the following tasks

  1. Review of state-of-the-art in semantic interoperability.
  2. Liaison with W3C WoT Group to seek feedback on SemTest tool testing scenarios and requirements.
  3. Dissemination of the SemTest tool and project results through scientific papers, tutorials and organization of workshops in international conferences.
  4. Participate in the testing and validation of the tool and propose it during a PlugFest event of W3C WoT Face-to-Face meeting.

Responsible from EURECOM

  1. Soumya Kanti Datta, dattas [at] eurecom [dot] fr
  2. Prof. Christian Bonnet, bonnet [at] eurecom [dot] fr


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