WL-Box 4G

Executive Summary

Until recently, professional services deployment such as voice and data access (PBX), remote management, remote maintenance, building management systems, required substantial human and technical resources. In particular, access to a wired network was a choke point for the operationalization of these services. With the emergence of new mobile technologies broadband transmissions such as LTE, the most spontaneous deployment of services based on IP connectivity becomes possible.

In this perspective, the WL-BOX 4G project proposes to develop a prototype of a mobile "plug & play" Box connected to the LTE network offering a set of professional services for :

  • Voice over IP for enterprises
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Video access
  • Remote technical supervision through the management of heterogeneous sensors (collection, dissemination, monitoring and control)

Fields of application of WL-BOX 4G are multiple. They range from rapid deployment of low cost services (required for businesses in areas without infrastructure), to the implementation by local authorities of technical networks (for supervision of cities and road infrastructure facilities).

The project concluded in September 2014. Fiche projet is available here.


Contributions of EURECOM

  1. Survey, comparison and evaluation of cross platform mobile application development tools.
  2. IoT architecture highlighting M2M communications and interfaces following ETSI M2M Architecture.
  3. IoT gateway centric architecture to offer novel M2M services.
  4. Connect and Control Things - A mobile application for Android powered devices to remotely manage physical things.
  5. Thing description and remote management using CoRE Link Format.

Responsible from EURECOM

  1. Prof. Christian Bonnet
  2. Soumya Kanti Datta


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